The Conflicct between North Korea and South Korea

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On 25 June 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea with the intention of dominating South Korea and forcing its government and policies upon them. These circumstances imply that not only did South Korea had the grounds to defend itself, but other nations had the right assist them in the time of need. On June 25, 1950, North Korean forces assaulted the South Korean army, and quickly advanced towards the capital city of Seoul. The United States, stationed there in correspondence with the United Nations, quickly rushed to defend South Korea.

The U.S.A. did not only have the sole intention of defending South Korea, but also intended to combat communism globally. The U.S.A. feared that major powers such as Russia were influencing nations such as North Korea to convert to communism.

The United States reaction to the attack on South Korea was just. South Korea was a defenseless country that was even occupied by American soldiers in order to prevent attack from foreign nations; however, the US had enigmatic motives for defending South Korea. They wanted to eliminate the spread of communism. This was not just because the US was fundamentally instilling and pushing their values onto South Korean. The US did not enter the war for a just cause. Although North Korea attacked first, no official record of a war was declared. President Truman did take action on June 26, 1950 by immediately sending military forces to South Korea. The Chinese, conscious of the U.S.'s involvement in the

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