The Conflict And Systems Theory Of Conflict Management

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Conflict is an offensive obstruction of contrasts from two distinct parties on a perceive contradiction on the desires and concerns of others carrying out their goals. According to Cooper, Conflict develops when something is propelled into the space already occupied by something else that cannot readily accommodate this new presence (2003). The destructive potential experience of conflict exists as a major aspect of organization life which offer access for advancement, change and development. These conflict results are vital to theory conflict management method in achieving a conclusion. Management assumes a willingness to desist or disengage so that the energy produced by the conflict can be appropriately dissipated (Cooper, 2003).
Systems theory of conflict management is an ideology that reconizes the conceivable sources of the several types of conflicts in an organization while also explaining how the conflicts can be resolved. The theory places significance on characters of individuals in the affiliation while concentrating its investigation on how and why an person’s deed can trigger a reaction or reply from another person within an organization or institution, and how its solution can be worked out. Due to the fact that organizations hire diverse individuals with distinct personalities and cultural backgrounds, there are possibilities of the employees failing to work smoothly with each other and thus a workable solution has to be sought so as to build a knighted
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