The Conflict Between Christianity And The Roman Government Essay

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When you think about Christianity, you don’t think about it being a bad thing. Christianity is the religion derived from Jesus Christ, based on the Bible as sacred scripture, and professed by Eastern, Roman Catholic, and Protestant bodies. This religion came to be one of the largest and most influential religions today. When the Romans thought about Christianity, it was considered a sin. But what exactly was the nature of the conflict between Christianity and the Roman government? The conflict between Christianity and the Roman government was that Christians refused to recognizes the romans beliefs in their religion. As Gillian Clark stated, “Jesus Christ was born in the reign of Augustus, the first Roman emperor, in an obscure district of the Roman-ruled territory then called Judaea. (Clark 4) Augustus led Rome 's transformation from republic to empire. At about the age of thirty, Jesus Christ was tied to a wooden cross and secured by nails. They went through his ankles and wrists, and he was left to die. Clark also stated that, “Roman law authorized this cruel form of execution, but it was usually reserved for slaves and rebels.” (Clark 4) The romans punished Jesus because he was accused of rebellion, blasphemy, subversion. After killing Jesus, Judaism became well respected in the roman empire. Judaism was a special case when it came to Rome. The religion was special because of its monotheism and its ethnic religious category. Jewish monotheism is the belief of one and
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