The Conflict Between Christians And Muslims

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Perspective comes from the Latin words per and spectare and literally means: to look through. Therefore, perspective, in its most rudimentary definition, means the way one looks at things. This definition can be elaborated upon and become synonymous with belief. A perspective can be open or limited, abstract or logical, optimistic or pessimistic. With these opposites, it can be difficult to blend one’s views with another’s. People are fascinated with perspectives. Humans love the conflict that comes with opposing opinions. Consequently, arguments are always blown out of proportion. For instance, take the popularity of legal dramas, the feud between Christians and Muslims, or the pro and anti homosexuality rallies. Some of the most famous works of literature are about changing perspectives such as Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, a story about strong prejudices being exercised in a small town. Articles have been written concerning changing perspectives for example, David Dobb’s writing ‘Beautiful Brains’, a study looking into the minds of teenagers and explaining their set apart behaviors. Both of these pieces tell about the transition from child to adult and the perspectives that come with this growth. Coming-of-age involves recognizing different perspectives. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird Jem is an example of a character whose coming-of-age process involves gaining a new perspective. Jem is told that he must read to his mean neighbor Mrs. Dubose after tearing up
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