The Conflict Between Conflict And Dispute

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In a world where violence is habitual, inevitably being used as the answer or defensive take on conflict, it is abolishing all signs of harmony, compassion and unity to each other. This is apparent as it overcrowds the daily newsfeed with reoccurring articles about conflict and its detrimental effects on society. History confirms, when violence is used by either the government or by the people, the other party in countries which are occupied by foreign powers generally fight back. It seems that even with the historic and much emphasised teachings of Dalai Lama, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela; to use non-violent ways of protest, there is still a proliferation of violence. It seems that the world is still turning its face and accepting violence as an ordinary act. This is unhealthy and unacceptable in countless ways.

Many people do not know the difference between conflict and dispute because they may seem similar, although, they are quite different. Conflict and disputes are distinct but with a common denominator; both causing the effect of trouble and both approached by violence. Disputes are short-term problems, are relatively easier to solve and generally involve negotiable interests while on the other hand, conflicts are long-term, deeply rooted and involve 'non-negotiable ' interests such as value/moral differences and denial of basic human needs (Sprangler & Burgess, 2012). To recapitulate, conflicts are much more severe and easily noticed however, disputes are of a…
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