The Conflict Between Jewish And Arab State

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Although Palestine declared independence as an Arab state, it still face obstacles in achieving its sovereignty. Former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat planned to officially announce the statehood of Palestine in 1996 (Quigley). This action received a strong response from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu said recognition of Palestinian statehood would nullify the Israeli-Palestinian agreement. From this notion, Netanyahu threatened to invade Palestinian territories like the West Bank of Jordan River. The settlements have been a prominent feature in hindering peaceful treaties. Israel claims that it should have territorial rights to its settlements while Palestine’s cannot negotiate on land that Israel continues to occupy. The tensions between the Jewish and Arab state continued to grow as Israel expanded Jewish settlements in the West Bank. According to the United Nations, these settlements are illegal under international law. This violates the Fourth Geneva Convention which prohibits states to occupy land in a war zone (League). Both sides of the government have been unable to communicate effectively to determine an agreement to resolve the territorial dispute. This conflict has expanded over three decades, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and the suffering of many innocent Jewish and Arab civilians. The support of Palestine statehood provides a solution that could bring long term peace to the area. Recognition of Palestinian statehood by
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