The Conflict Between Life Outside Of Work And Work Balance

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Abstract The objective of this paper is to further analyze research already conducted studies examining the conflicts between life outside of work and work obligations specific to a career in athletic training. It will also provide efficient techniques utilized to achieve life work balance. Research was gathered from various databases and journals. Portions of that research was extracted, summarized, and compared to research from other related articles. While the life-work balance is a consistent struggle for all athletic trainers, there are many different factors that contribute to the varying levels life-work balance. Keywords: Work-family conflict, life-work balance, athletic training job retention, D1 athletic trainers, parenting concerns, athletic training student perceptions, and work setting stress factors.
The tradition family is an ideal of the past. Today families typically see full-time employment held by all parents or guardians involved and also consist of somewhere between two and four children on average. With the disappearance of the traditional family comes the appearance of women into the work force1. Women are making headway into jobs in all fields and taking on equivalent if not heavier workloads than men. Another contributing factor the work-family conflict is high rates of divorce and single parenthood; these unfortunate situations force the parents to work and to take on all of the house chores on their own. Number and age of children
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