The Conflict Between Rights And Economic Development Essay

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There have been many debates and much research since the dawn of the modern era about the conflict between rights and economic development in a country.There still remains a wide perception of conflict between realising rights on one hand and economic concerns on the other – with fundamental freedom and human rights often viewed as being in tension with development, growth and the optimal allocation of resources to the masses. At the same time, many hold the view that rights need to be protected at all costs even if it causes hindrance to the country’s economic growth. This essay tries to see both sides of the argument and critically assess them respectively.It also tries to propose a way through the above dilemma along with its interrogation. Before we begin, it is important to understand the cultural, social and economic background of our nation. India is a country with great diversity of race, religion, creed, etc.India being a state with huge cultural diversity it has been very difficult for the country to progress economically and socially in a common forefront, as the views, ideals and status of various sections of the society often don’t converge to a common viewpoint. So on these grounds there have been many debates over the past few decades without any satisfactory conclusion, and we are still searching for an apt answer. Some may argue that for achieving the essential goal of national economic development, India can overlook certain sections of the society and

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