The Conflict Between Russia And Russia

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Modern Ukraine went through many periods of turmoil caused by the conflicts between Russia and surrounding countries, before establishing itself as a country in 1991. Ukraine, for a large part of its history, was divided into two territories: the Left-bank and Right-bank. Russia took control over the Left-bank in 1667, and the Right-bank controlled by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1654. Later, Austria took control over certain areas of Ukraine, dividing the lands after the Partitions of Poland between Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Around the year 1648, power in Poland was diminishing as the uprise of the Cossacks was growing in Ukrainian society. As Poland was trying to re-establish their dominance in Europe, this brought to the Russo-Polish War in 1654, also known as the War for Ukraine. The war ended up lasting 13 years, and the result of the war and the many conflicts between the Cossacks was Russia and Poland dividing the lands of Ukraine. Ukraine became a major battleground for many of the surrounding countries, mainly Russia, leading to Russia establishing itself as a large power in Europe, while Ukraine’s autonomy began its decline.
(try to fill in paragraph here) The Cossacks were groups of people throughout Ukraine, primarily through central Ukraine. Each of these many groups had different lifestyles. One of the major types of Cossack were those who scavenged in the wilderness, constantly looking for people to trade with to make a living. Another
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