The Conflict Between Syria And The Middle Eastern Region Of The World

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Geography 142
Life In Syria
Syria is a country located in the Middle Eastern region of the world, and is currently in the stages of developing. It is located on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and lies between the neighboring countries of Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon. Much of Syria’s economy is based on agriculture, oil, industry and services. All of which are major reasons why Syria could be a developing country. Syria’s population has been steadily increasing since the 1960’s, and today has reached a population of about 22 million. The majority religion in Syria, like most Middle Eastern countries, is Islam. Therefore the main language spoken in Syria is Arabic because it is the universal language spoken in Islam. Syria has unfortunately had a very conflicted history. Syria has been plagued with war and internal conflict for many years, the most recent being the Syrian Civil War, or the Syrian uprising, which began in the spring of 2011. The conflict arose from popular protests that gradually transformed into armed rebellions after several government ordered military crackdowns. The Syrian Civil War is ongoing and currently a major issue on the agenda of the United Nations. Although Syria has had its conflicts, the country still has a very rich culture.
The geography of Syria consists of mountains ranges in the west and the Syrian Desert in the east. The countries tallest mountain is located on the border of Lebanon and has a top peek of about 9232…
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