The Conflict Between Syrian Boys And Syrian Girls

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As years pass the conflict in Syria continues to grow, as do the attacks on civilian populated areas . One of the latest attacks occurred on November 7th, 2014 hitting a school (Al Hayat Primary School). that resulted in the deaths of 11 children and injuring several other children. . It is clear that this brutal attack was executed in order to end lives of children. The Syrian Government needs to take steps in separating children from the conflict that is occurring. It is reported that Syria has over 258,200 slaves. Most of these slaves are children who are forced to take part in armed conflict. Syrian boys are forced in fighting while Syrian girls are being sold as child brides and forced into marriages .Children are being forced in adult situations every day, Manal a 16-year-old girl stated, “My father said I have to marry. I felt he was no longer able to support me” . Under international law children have the right to go to school and receive an education, however children in Syria are forced to work in order to support their families. Children do not have access to food, water and hospitals. Khaled was born in a refugee camp in Damascus, when Khaled was 14-months old he was found by humanitarian doctors who claimed that Khaled looked as if he was 5 months old. Khaled has been able to make a speedy recovery but there are many children like Khaled that don’t have access to food and hospitals. Since the conflict has started about 60% of hospitals in Syria are no
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