The Conflict Between The Muslims And Christians Essay

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As mentioned earlier, the series of conflict between the Muslims and Christians had no doubt contributed to the cause of what became the Crusades. However, the blame could be ultimately placed on a single man by the name of Pope Urban II, who, in 1095, convincingly united both the Eastern Orthodox Church (Byzantium) and the Roman Catholic Church against a common foe: the Turks. More specifically, he delivered a sermon after the demand for assistance from Alexius I to drive out the Turks from Byzantium, manipulating Christians into participating in a holy war against the Turks to take back Jerusalem. In response to pleas for help from the Byzantine emperor, Alexius I, whose lands in Anatolia […] were being lost to Seljuks Turkish advance, Pope Urban II delivered a Sermon at Clermont in France on 27 November 1095 calling upon the knighthood of the West to aid the Christians of the East and also to liberate Jerusalem (McNeil 455) This was undeniably the ultimate factor that gave existence to the Crusades. If it were not for the speeches and decrees made by Pope Urban II, suggesting the complete remission of a Christian’s sins should he participate in the Crusades, then surely, there would have been no Crusades and unnecessary bloodshed as a result. Moreover, the Crusades were not simply military campaigns to honor the Pope’s wish of aiding the eastern Christians and retrieving Jerusalem back from the control of the Muslim Turks. In fact, everyone who participated in the
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