The Conflict Between The Protagonist And Antagonist In The Movie 'Mean Girls'

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In the film Mean Girls, the storyline is primarily driven by the conflict between the protagonist and antagonist. The main character, Cady Heron, is both. Reasons why she could be the protagonist are that she is innocent, kind hearted, and also very smart and honest. In the beginning of the film, Cady doesn’t know how high school works. Guys such as Jason, sexualize her and she does not really understand what he’s talking about. This is where her innocence and her misunderstanding of what he said to her takes place. After this, Cady’s kind heart steps in. Cady is told by Janis and Damian about the horrible Plastics at the school. They explain what they do and how they work. Even though Cady hears about how awful they are,she decides to give them a chance anyways. She sits at lunch with The Plastics and ends up going to the mall and hanging out with them and later on becomes their friend. Also, on some of her first days at her new school, it is shown…show more content…
Cady struggles with trying to fit in and finding true friends. As she becomes friends with The Plastics, and sees what being popular is like, she thinks that she found her place and that that is where she belongs. For example, after Janis, Damian, and Cady finish their sabotage against Regina and take her from her superiority of The Plastics, someone will have to take Regina’s place, and Gretchen and Karen could both agree that Cady would be the next Regina. Another time where Cady could be seen as being the next Regina George is whenever she won Spring Fling Queen. Cady is chosen because after Regina’s accident, the student body thinks that she will fall into Regina’s place as being the leader of The Plastics. Cady struggles with fitting in but she comes to realize that being popular doesn’t matter as much as everyone thinks and that she can be just as popular being
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