The Conflict Of A Civil War

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What comes to your mind when you hear or think of the words civil war? Sometimes, a civil war may be caused by a disagreement between two sides or it may occur when the two sides have different opinions toward the same idea or same ideal. But can the two warring sections ever reunite again?
When the European colonists arrived in my native country of Burundi, many people thought that they were coming for a change, peace, and unity. Before they arrived, the country was united for a long time. People used to get along with one another. Nobody thought that anything could ever separate them. But when the Europeans arrived, everything changed. But was the European goal to bring a change or to separate people? How would the country be today if the Europeans hadn’t colonized our country? Their arrival made a huge impact, which still exists today. Since the colonists left our country, nothing has ever been the same.
Burundi is a small country that is located in Eastern Africa with a huge population. It borders with Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Congo. Burundi is most known for its two tribes, which are the Hutu and Tutsi. The history of the two tribes has not been the same after the European colonists arrived in my country. Like most countries in Africa, Burundi gained its independence from the colonists in 1960s. Burundi has been struggling for a long time because of the impacts that the Europeans left in the country. In 1972, there was a genocide between the two tribes which left

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