The Conflict Of Bangladesh And India Essay

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On August 1, 2015. Bangladesh and India officially exchanged 162 enclaves to finish a centuries-old territorial violation and fulfill a process of land and population exchange which began in the 1950s.An enclave is a fragmented territory of one state which is locates the territory of another state .The enclaves of Bangladesh and India are situated deep inside their respective countries turning out a strong incidence on their administration. On the other hand, the sovereign country has no real control over its respective enclave; People of the enclaves’ area lead a miserable life. Because they are originally outcaste and refused entrance to basic infrastructure due to their peculiar geographical position .The Land Boundary Agreement Bill searches to address this problem through exchanging enclaves between the two countries and redrawing the complex border. Definition of enclave When the territory of one state is completely surrounded by the territory of another state, it is called enclave. Enclave and exclave are not same term. An exclave is a part of a state geographically distinguish from the main part by surrounding align territory. Many exclaves also considered enclaves. When an enclave is a sovereign country in its own authority and has an independent international acknowledgement. As for example: San Marino and Lesotho. Like an enclave, several states
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