The Conflict Of Conflict And Conflict

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Once in awhile, people would usually find themselves dealing with struggles and conflicts with others that could create a burden of stress. Conflict is defined as an intense argument and could last for a period of time. Most people would wish to avoid conflict. However, if one has had to deal with it, he could struggle to come up with a good solution. There were three remarkable conflicts that I had with my closest friend, my other half, and my uncle.
My friend and I have known each other since eighth grade. We were also neighbor. Every morning of the week days, I would go to his house and we went to school together. We had almost all same classes in high school. It was a few time that he wanted to take Music or Geography and I was
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When we were walking home, he said with an angry tone "you seem to be crazy with that chick. I wouldn 't make you choose between me or her but it feels like you already decided" I told him that "I wouldn 't throw away that four years of our friendship. The problem here is your reasons for disliking her are absurd. I don 't know why you hate her that much when she has not done anything to you". My friend replied "She has not done anything? Good thing she hasn 't cuz it annoyed me enough just seeing her face". Hearing what he just said about my girlfriend got me a little heated too. I told him that "There you are again with your nonsense talk. I can 't stand you anymore. You can walk to school by yourself from now". Later on that day, I thought about what I said to my friend and regretting that I went a little out of line. The next day, I woke up early and came to his house. I waited for about 10 minutes and he had not come out yet. I felt like he was still mad at me. In first period, he came to me and apologized for what he said about my girlfriend the day before. I also apologized to him for my words. We resolved that he would meet my girlfriend to give himself a chance to know her personally and decided whether or not the three of us could hangout together. Good thing my friend realized that he didn 't hate my girlfriend as much as he thought. So all three of us talked to each others from that point on. If ever a
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