The Conflict Of Police Brutality And Racial Profiling

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Mia Ryder-Marks
October 2, 2017
Professor Saad Khan
Final Essay Proposal

Essay Summary:
My exigent topic is focusing on the prominent conflict of African American males and police officials in Western nations, focusing directly on the American South. In the late 1920’s African Americans in the U.S.A, were hopeful that their struggle against racism was nearing a successful conclusion with the start of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People). For many years, especially for people not of colour, racism, racial discrimination and police brutality were “hidden” from the mainstream media. Though, from current events and to the recent obtainability of liberal media and twenty-four-hour newsrooms,
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First Main Point:
• Police brutality on an international perspective; directing the research to how other nations’ governments are dealing with unjustified killings by the police force and looking at the framework of nations where police brutality, racial profiling, and racism by police officers is in the distant past. Specifically looking at: o Countries such as Norway, where police officers generally do not carry firearms. Comparing statistics such as, in 2014, American police officials killed 1,106 people and Norwegian police forces killed two. o How the American government handles and responses to the backlash of police brutality court cases, protests and the demand for implementation to change versus other countries. o Illustrating that despite this larger emphasis on the international conflict between unequal groups, it is still a very divided conversation.

Second Main Point:
• Secondly, I will be explaining the utilization of state power and resources as an issue of great significance in the Western society. Though this conception of power and disadvantage was originally a purely economic perspective based on the divide of socioeconomics; racial and ethnic identities have become an integral part of conflict theory hypotheses as they are defined and deliberated today. o This reflects the fact that race, poverty, and crime are inextricably linked within American society, and examining this broader picture of

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