The Conflict Of Science And Belief Systems, Preferential Treatment

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No one can lay claim to the past. The past belongs to everyone. Its remains are to be explored, analyzed, shared, and documented so as to remain available for future generations. By delving into its research, we are able to further understand those from whom we descended and more accurately place ourselves within the timeline of the Earth. We are able to better comprehend how we have evolved as a species every time we find new clues. While this information may be controversial to the few of the religious extreme, it is invaluable to the entirety of the human race. In the conflict of science and belief systems, preferential treatment should be given to advancement of scientific inquiry and of our pool of knowledge as this has benefits for all, and to make exceptions based on belief is unjust.
Sometimes the controversy goes beyond disagreement on factual information, such as the age of humanity or source of Earth’s creation, and how we cover this information in schools. In the case of certain American Indian groups, there has been conflict in the actual excavation of artifacts, preventing physical evidence from being utilized for limitless amounts of scientific conclusion. There has been disharmony in the idea of ownership and increased distrust, which is most likely in part due to the American Indians’ deeply regrettable historic relationship with the United States government.
This led to the creation of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, which
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