The Conflict Of Syrian Refugees

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How would a person feel living in a country they had been forced to immigrant to that is not their own? Syrian refugees have been forced to flee their Syrian homeland as a result of their unstable environment. These refugees must leave quickly, leaving all their possessions in search of a better life in other European countries. One of the countries that has granted asylum to many Syrian refugees is Germany, but the story does not end there for thousands of refugees upon their arrival. The day to day survival is difficult in a new country for adult refugees trying to support their families. Most struggle, desperate to get the necessary training in Germany to ascertain a well paying job. However another, almost forgotten group of refugees are the thousands of children who also fled their homeland countries and are not able to obtain a basic education. These families risked their lives on the perilous journey to European countries, only to find, they do not have the basic needs to support themselves and their families. According to Lori Robertson’s article Stretching Facts on Syrian Refugees, she explains how “The majority of refugees — 51.1 percent — are under age 17, including 38.5 percent who are younger than 12 years old.”(Robertson). However, three million Syrian children do not attend school on regular basis. Although many refugees have survived the harsh conditions on their journey to Germany, there needs to be an increase in the number of refugee children being
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