The Conflict Of Syrian Refugees

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The fleeing refugees are fighting for their right to a better life, they are fleeing from their home land due to violence, collapsed infrastructures and for the children’s safety. They Syrian refugees should be welcomed into the United States of America not only for compassion or moral obligation but for these three reasons. First, Americans shouldn’t be alarmed or paranoid of a possible terrorist attack since the incoming refugees are being heavily screened by various agencies which are only allowing refugees into the country if they don’t impose a threat. Secondly, Syrian refugees are not terrorist, they are fleeing from their country to avoid becoming the next casualty or being engulfed by the violence surrounding them. Thirdly, the Syrian refugees that are seeking refuge are mostly women and children who have lost everything and are suffering the consequences of something they did not start. Syrian refugees should and must be welcomed into America, after all America was founded by immigrates who seeked freedom. People around the world, specifically Americans are forgetting what the word refugee means especially when it involves someone who was born in the Middle East. Refugees are refugees none the less, it doesn’t matter where they were born, what matter is that they are taken to safety. Refugees didn’t just wake up one morning wanting to be a refugees, they were forced to become one, thus signaling their need of help. A refugee is “a person who has been forced to…
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