The Conflict Of The Civil War

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Por decir la verdad. For telling the truth. Salvadorian people used this phrase almost as a mantra. It was a way the people could rationalize the killings of so many of its people and even their religious leaders (Peterson 1997, 123). This “truth” had caused quite and dispute among the Salvadorians and ultimately led to a civil war. The Salvadorian Civil War was a tough time that brought out individual’s true spirits. Social justice issues remained the root caused, and therefore, induced participation from the Catholic Church, a church that took an oath to stand by its poor. I look to explore this complex time in Salvadorian history. A time where basic norms were turned upside down for all people. This time of state induced violence transformed ordinary people into very extraordinary, outspoken leaders. Throughout this paper I aim to present some of the circumstances that made people give up the status quo of everyday farming life. I think it is important to discuss the authoritative disputes throughout the Catholic Church and how this impacted the people of El Salvador. This was a time of rich verse poor and conservative verse left. The debates were not only in the political sectors, but also the religious. I personally think the narrative of the Salvadorian Civil War is pretty unique. It often gets lumped together with the other Latin American countries that battled with internal conflicts, but these Latin American disputes are not all in the same. Inequality in El

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