The Conflict Of The Civil War

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Throughout the centuries in America approximately 150 years ago from now the southern and northeastern of the United States were at war and it was named the civil war. In the book “The Americans” writer Holt McDougal there was not only one but many more worldwide experience that change the globe such as riots that lead to shed blood for blood , laws that separated others by color and was broken , geographic features that others desired to have control of and technology that is currently advancing the world as we speak. During 1861-1865 a political issue outbreak occurred . Which was the sectional conflict of the civil war, a pitted Union against the confederate states that lead America resulting into death. Americas bloodiest clash was not only guaranteeing one thing but to determine the survival of the union or the independence for the confederacy. In addition, this is not the only feature that will come across as the causes of the civil war. Other major questions will be asked about how did this happen? was it worth all those innocent lives gone? and why couldn 't everyone come to a compromise ?. Not many compromises were structured to resolve everyone 's problem other gain some and others lose some. For example, Industry & Immigration in the north and south, Freedman 's Bureau, Military Reconstruction. Industrial workplace has constantly growing numbers. This lead to a whole change of view to America

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