The Conflict Of The Middle East And Africa

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The biblical crisis involving the exodus of approximately 460,000 detected migrants and refuges crossing into Europe from the Middle East and Africa is ever-growing, and to date there seems to be no end to the numbers of displaced people that continue to make the perilous journey into Europe to escape the brutality of either the Islamic State, the Assad regime and the conflict in Africa. These terrifying journeys have seen many thousands die trying to get into Europe, this humanitarian disaster has given European leaders including the United Kingdom one of their greatest challenges to date, how to deal with the human crisis that has landed on Europe’s eastern border and what level of intervention is required. This essay in examining …show more content…
According to the United Nations, refugees “are persons fleeing armed conflict or persecution” whereas migrants “choose to move not because of a direct threat of persecution or death, but mainly to improve their lives by finding work, or in some cases for education, family reunion. Understanding the difference is of importance to European countries due to the protection under the 1951 Refugee Convention (and 1967 protocols) that is offered to refuges. Though I believe this document is a key enabler to underpinning the framework of a response to the crisis it may be difficult to implement due to the varied nature (refugee or migrant) of the persons entering Europe together. Do counties have the capacity to check the details of every person entering through their boarders? Countries are on the verge of collapse in their attempt to deal with the influx; The International Rescue Committee said “Lesbos risked reaching breaking point due to the spike in the number of arrivals over the past few days and the inability for refugees to leave”. Europe is struggling to cope with the influx of migrants; EU leaders have gathered at an emergency meeting in Brussels, with the Prime Minister David Cameron stating that the UK would be giving another £100 million to help Syrian refugees, including £40 million towards the world food programme. “We need to do more to stabilise the countries and the regions from which these

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