The Conflict Of The Palestinian Negotiations

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The word ‘colonization’ and ‘encroachment of lands’ reach a new level when we talk about the Occupied Palestinian territory. In 1948, with the establishment of the state of Israel more than three quarters of the Palestinian population were forcibly dispossessed and expelled to become refugees in neighboring Arab states to make way for the ‘newcomers’(Giacaman et al., 2009).
Since then the lives of British Mandate Palestinians kept on becoming worse with ongoing conflicts and failed attempts of resolutions. The outcomes of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations to peace have not yet been determined. But what has been seen is that since the eruption of violence in September 2000, Palestinians have suffered from a lack of access to basic services, particularly much needed medical services and violations of the health-related rights, which have also increased considerably with time (Stefanini & Ziv, 2004).
From that time, multiple roadblocks have been established in the West Bank and in the Gaza, preventing people in these areas from accessing medical care. Physical barriers have been established around villages, medical personnel have been denied free passage, ambulances were torched with fire, hospitals have been surrounded by tanks and searched and have been left without medical supplies, residents have been imprisoned in their homes without basic food items or access to medicines (Stefanini & Ziv, 2004).
This assignment will outline the major health problems in the Occupied
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