The Conflict Of The Syrian Civil War

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The conflicts, especially political conflicts, were not formed overnight. They have been accumulating for at least four years. The Syrian Civil War that displaced millions of refugees officially began on March 15th, 2011 when protesters stormed the capital of Damascus demanding democratic reforms and the release of political prisoners from the Assad regime. (Kareem Fahim) Unfortunately, these campaigns were met with gunfire, as only a month later the Syrian army engaged in a series of military attacks on its own people—leading to the death of over 1,000 civilians. The Civil War that led to the accumulation of refugees started for a series of complicated reasons. For one thing, Shia-Sunni conflicts persisting to this day have caused great tensions between communities. The Alawite (Shia)-dominated Al-Assad government has oppressed Sunni Muslims (the majority of Muslims) with armed forces for more than 50 years, which enormously intensified the situation in Syria. For another, the poor economic conditions in Syria also contributed a great deal to this war. Although President Al-Assad had carried out a series of reforms in 2000, people in Syria suffered from high unemployment rate (14.9%) and low average income (below US $49). (Central Intelligence Agency) A power vacuum exists in the region, with ISIS (aka Islamic State of Iraq and Levant), Al-Nusra, and Kurds all battling for control in Syria. ISIS, which now owns the largest portion of Syria, took advantage of the power…
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