The Conflict Of The Syrian Civil War

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Since the Syrian Civil war began, the United States has forgone over 4.1$ billion on humanitarian aid, aimed to help keep refugees within the region and out of surrounding areas such as Lebanon and Israel. Despite such vast expenditures, over 4 million refugees have desperately fled the war ridden streets of Syria in hopes of a future (Hanley 16-20). Since September 2001, popular media and political arenas have largely vilified muslim culture, and ideology; profoundly impacting society’s general view of muslim people. President W. Bush played a key role in establishing this widespread prejudice against muslim culture , by publicly connecting muslim ideology with the events of September 11th 2001 during an address to the nation. Generalizing millions to be evil or unsatisfactory based on the crude actions of few amongst them, efficiently fuels the production of a new generation of hatred, where fear is calling the shots , and empathy doesn 't exist. Those unprotected from such hatred, absent of guidance and wisdom, fall prey to an ever expanding grip of evil. There are approximately half a million Syrian refugees in Lebanon alone, and two thirds of them are women and children. “Rape as a weapon of war has been used extensively in the Syrian Crisis” . Overcrowded , and unsanitary living conditions, in conjunction with the lack of proper police protection in migratory areas, has left the Syrian Women and children even further at risk. (Bindel 13-14). “If responsible…
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