The Conflict Of The Syrian Civil War

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A great number of Syrian people are quickly becoming refugees due to the crisis

occurring in their homeland. The refugees are fleeing for their own good, they are trying to

desperately escape the relentless violence that has started since the Syrian civil war began.

Thousands of innocent Syrians have been killed since the start of the civil war that all started in

2011. A number of Syrian refugees today are desperately trying to find places that will welcome

them. Most of the countries that do allow them to seek asylum are located in Europe. (Fantz and

Brumfield 1) Today in Syria, the violence and destruction seems endless. The Syrians are trying

to urgently escape their lives that consist of daily torments, dangerous bombings and wild gun

fires. Imagine living in an area with the number of deaths rapidly increasing every single day,

their need to flee and why they so desperately want to leave and seek asylum is understandable.

The Syrians seek asylum by taking the chance to travel almost everywhere they are permitted.

The majority of Syrians are embargoing today on journeys to Turkey, which has welcomed a

great number of refugees. The rest of the Syrians are headed straight for Jordan and many other

surrounding countries (Gilsinan 5) While all of these locations are great places to seek refuge,

almost none of the countries could compare to the United States. In the U.S., the refugees are

truly able to find what they have been and what they are
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