The Conflict Of The Syrian Conflict

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At the time of writing, the Syrian conflict has raged on for nearly half a decade, while that in Darfur for well over a decade. In both instances, some of the international community’s most experienced mediators attempted to halt the fighting. None, however, were able to bring more than a few days of respite to these violent conflicts.

Since the end of World War II, mediation has grown as a form of conflict management tool. As mediation gained prominence and primacy in international relations as a method for war termination, wars are more often decided in a meeting room than on the battlefield. In fact, since the end of the Cold War, the trend in war termination has almost reversed as the number mediated settlements doubled that of all-out victories.

The growing popularity of mediation to resolve international conflicts has promoted greater research on the subject with a vast body of written work already available. Despite the growing practice of mediation and the increasing research in this field, a flip through the newspapers on any given day will confront the reader with a failing ceasefire in one corner of the globe or another. In some conflicts, ceasefires fail over and over again. The political and moral imperative to end bloodshed and alleviate human suffering often unites humanitarian workers, journalists, international actors and the general public to call on warring parties for an immediate ceasefire. Their calls are sometimes heeded, but…
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