The Conflict Of The Syrian Conflict

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Hundreds of thousands of immigrants travel across the Mediterranean Sea into Europe to seek refuge where it is not provided in the countries of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sudan as those areas are currently war-torn and the people face violence and persecution. The migrants risk their lives to get to their destinations - many attempting to reach Germany and other northern EU countries - and have to do it illegally most of the time. The Syrian conflict still continues to be the main contributor in the number of migrants coming into Europe as more than 1,011,700 people migrated by sea, 34,900 by land, and 10-12 million remain within Syria’s borders.1 Poverty, abusing human rights, and deteriorating security are also prompting people to escape the areas of conflict.5 Their journey can be highly hazardous and risky as boats are small and overcrowded and there are more exposures to diseases and starvation. Also, countries risk the chance of the act of smuggling, their people of the arriving refugees to be robbed, and the act of trafficking happening in their country. According to IOM, over 3,770 migrants have died trying to reach their destinations. Some countries are skeptical of taking in refugees as it can be a possibility that terrorists pose as refugees as they come into a country. With the flow of refugees arriving, concerns have increased that jihadist fighters could be sneaking in under the disguise of asylum seekers.4 Even prepared countries have almost reached their…
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