The Conflict Of The Syrian Government Is Immoral

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With large scale wars becoming a thing of the past because of mutually assured destruction and costly wars, proxy wars in unstable states have become more and more common. Beginning in the Cold War with United States’ policies aimed at stopping the spread of communism began a trend of supplying military support for rebels that supported their ideas. This has translated to two large states backing differing sides of a faction in order to facilitate their national goals. For example, the United Nations, the United States leading, backing rebels in Libya against the Gaddafi Regime to stop genocide, the emergence of pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine to return to Russia, and the United States backed Syrian rebels against the Russian-backed Assad regime to stop human atrocities. This raises the ethical dilemma of in what situations is the backing of rebels against a legitimate government the moral decision and when it is not. I will show in this paper that the United States supporting the Syrian rebels fight against the Syrian government is immoral using Utilitarianism.
Starting in 2011 political protests turned into a national uprising that resulted in the Syrian government using the army to restore peace in many areas like Homs and Aleppo. This causes many Western countries, mainly the United States, to implement economic sanctions to stop Syria from trying to silence the pro-democratic protests. The first town to be bombarded was Jisr al-Shughour where the government…

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