The Conflict Resolution Final Essay

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Conflict Resolution Final Essay Throughout the week of collaborating with team members of a different discipline within this classroom, I was greatly able to learn more about conflict not just through the lecture and curriculum taught but also through application of the concepts within my team. My team, had many conflicts when working together. There were many different dynamics within the team that had created these conflicts. Although conflict is not necessarily a negative aspect since as Walden and their group of researcher stated that "conflict may lead to more creative solutions, and successful navigation of conflict that has been associated with positive bonds, such as trust and respect, between members" (Walden, Javdani, & Allen, 2014). However, only effective conflict can result to this preferred outcome. Many times in group scenarios, conflict is not transformed to productivity. In the case of our team, we struggled with many issues. Here are the different issues that were experienced and how we either resolved it or what we should have done. It also helped me understand myself as a team member. One of the activities we all did as a class was to answer questionnaires about ourselves to see which of the five categories we personally fit when it came to styles of handling conflict. My results was to collaborate with other people, trying to find a solution that cares for both goals and relationships. Collaborating seeks problem solving methods by gathering all
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