The Conflict Resolution : Peace

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What is peace? To some it is freedom of the disturbance and to others it is the presence of tranquility. To those that study the field of conflict resolution, peace is a concept that can be viewed as either negative or positive. Negative peace is the absence of war while positive peace is the integration of human society (Galtung). Though positive peace is the ideal standard that most would like to hold the world to, it is negative peace that is most present in society. Negative peace, though having the benefit of lacking violence can still be considered detrimental to a society because of lasting effects a conflict could posses. An example that shows how negative peace does not automatically solve inherent problems in an society is the…show more content…
Components such as social class inequality, repressive military rule, and poverty played big roles in what soon became the factors that lead to civil war. Since 1931 El Salvador 's government had been under military control, which in a economic sphere did not prove to be successful. The state was also plagued with fraudulent elections, which as a result always granted the military victory. The military regime was also closely allied with the elite of the country who were the ones that had the real power considering they controlled the state 's economy. The elite needed the military in order to control the poor who were on the verge of revolting due to the inequality and lack of economic participation by their part. The elite controlled the country by keeping 41% of the population to no land because they wanted it in the hands of those that can produce a significant profit. The majority of people who lived in the countryside were also not allowed to vote, which furthered the narrative of a corrupt and untrustworthy government. The years leading up to the civil war were afflicted with a repressive government rule which in the year 1980 became enough to tip the citizens of the country over the edge of a full blown civil war. Before the commencement of the war, the opposition of the lower class to the ruling government was becoming more apparent. Many of El Salvador
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