The Conflict Theory Gives Me A Better Understanding Of My Ethnicity And Race Essay

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Conflict theory gives me a better understanding of how my ethnicity and race are pivotal in shaping me, understanding my role in society and determines the treatment I receive from society.
For example, the conflict perspective views racism and inequality towards minorities, like me as a way for the so-called superior and majority race to keep control and power over minorities. They do this, by perpetuating institutionalized or structured racism, pitting minorities against each other, and limiting resources. Institutional racism is defined as a complex of embedded, systemic practices that disadvantage racial and ethnic minority groups, and, in consequence, needs to be assessed indirectly as well—for instance, in analyses of historically patterned discrimination and of the unintended, but still discernible, adverse impact of public policies and programs (Seabrook & Wyatt-Nichol, 2016, p.20).

Therefore, being a minority means that being equally qualified as anyone else does not ensure I’ll get the job, getting the same grade point level as a White individual does not mean I’ll get in the school, and the work I put in at my job won’t be equivalent to the paycheck I receive or reflect the position that I deserve. The institutions that I belong to are filled with the dominant race, the educators at my school, the politicians from my city, and CEOs of companies. However, there are limited positions for minorities and that means that most people like me, will not be

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