The Conflict Theory Of Social Groups

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Intergroup Competition is the idea that social groups will extend from the desire for a group to gain the scarce resources that exist (36-40). This idea is greatly supported by the segment on affirmative action in the video (36-40). As said in the movie, the idea is that scholarship money and grant money is a scarce resource when students decide to go to college (37-40). In this view, the individuals who are against affirmative action are competing for that scarce resource (36-40). By using techniques like affirmative action and racial and/or ethnic based scholarships present the subordinate group’s strive for power, and the arguments against these resources are the dominant group’s attempt to maintain their power (36-40). Moreover, the strive to gain these programs is not just for their own individual self interest, but is for the interest of their social group as a whole to maintain the group’s desires (36-40). It is in this belief that’s the Realistic Conflict Theory resides (36-40). In this, their exists the view that this conflict for scarce resources subsequently produces prejudice, in which a privileged group has a sense of group position and strives to protect it (36-40). This is shown in the video by the idea of reverse racism, in which the dominant group tries to grain pity for their loss of domination by saying that affirmative action gives African Americans an unfair advantage, thus racially profiling the subordinate group while trying to maintain their
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