The Conflict With Peace And Honor

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Life is full of conflict that if you don’t deal with them the right way it will haunt you. Bullying is one conflict that you need to solve the rights way or it will damage you. When I was younger, I was bullied and didn’t handle it well, sometime I want to go back and do things differently. Christine De Pizan wanted to solve a conflict with peace and honor while, Machiavelli wanted to you to face your conflicts head on by showing them you don’t fear them. I believe that is the way I should have solved this conflict telling on them, speak up for yourself, and fight back. You could always bully back but then are just as bad. Tell someone (snitch) on them let them pay without pulling the trigger. When I was bullied I didn’t do anything. I told no one and let it keeping going on. I thought I would be a bad person by telling. I learned at a young age due to friends, that what happens between friend stays with friends. Though they weren’t my friends, so I should have told someone and let them deal with the consequence. I am saying this because, you would not be the bad guy for protecting yourself from negative change. Machiavelli state, “Love binds when someone recognizes he should be grateful to you, but, since men are a sad lot, gratitude is forgotten the moment it 's inconvenient. Fear means fear of punishment, and that 's something people never forget. “(17.5) People that bully put fear into people so they won’t get in trouble. When they do this horrid thing they don’t want
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