The Conflict of Religion and Euthanasia Essay examples

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The Conflict of Religion and Euthanasia There are a number of reasons why religious believers would be concerned regarding assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia. The Church’s belief concerning this matter is that if G-d has given the gift of life then it should be “revered and cherished”. As far as the Church is concerned, the deliberate taking of human life should be prohibited, except in self-defence or defence of others.

Many religious believers hold sincere belief that to actively seek an end to ones own, or another’s life would represent a lack of trust in G-d and to them, suicide or euthanasia is a sin. To Roman Catholics,
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They may not even realise the true cause of their decision to allow voluntary euthanasia, as their motive may be the product of another influence or even their own confusion.

The matter of money and inheritance is always a subject that comes under scrutiny during the process of a dying family member and there may be unscrupulous people within the family who simply wish to assist in the death of the patient in order to gain this inheritance earlier.

Religious believers feel that we should trust the medical experts to preserve life and have faith in G-d to decide when we should die.

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Some religious believers are opposed to euthanasia. The Christian Church believes that through the Hospice Movement, which practices pain control and emotional and spiritual support is the most humane way to preserve life until it is the patient’s time to die. The Church believes that to deliberately kill a dying person is to reject them.

Roman Catholics believe in the Sanctity Of Life, which states that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and so we must treat each human with respect and therefore life is intrinsically valuable. They would say, in argument against euthanasia, that Jesus suffered greatly on the cross and that by taking life you are not showing your
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