The Conflict of the Ethnic Groups

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Ethnic groups' conflict Pastoralist Community Initiative And Development Assistance (PACIDA )highlights the insecurity as a consequence of race for the limited water and pasture in Marsabit area of Kenya (East Africa). Their report of the situation in Marsabit in 2009 indicated that within Marsabit, "security has been a major problem. Over the past months in the cause of the year, series of cattle rustling and loss of human lives was quiet frequent, especially in Marsabit. Over range of four month 10 human lives claimed in the process of raid between the Borans and the Samburus. In fact this has been long outstanding conflict in the District." This indicates that some of the conflicts are well organized banditry executions. The different communities organize themselves to go raid others homesteads, particularly from another ethnic group and get livestock. This occurs majorly during the driest times when livestock die in large numbers. To restock their herds, the different communities go for raids in the other communities. The office of the prime minister of Kenya adds that, "Security remained precarious for several areas in larger Marsabit district. Incidences of armed conflicts were reported along Loiyangalani and North Horr Divisions and along Marsabit and Laisamais district border." These are regions within the Marsabit District and region. The frequency of cattle rustling between the Samburu and Isiolo communities in particular raises a lot of concern. In these
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