The Conflicts Between Seeing Nature As A Medium Of Art

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Imagine hiking and standing upon a mountain top and just basking in the beauty of the scenery around. Some people consider nature as the purest form of natural expression. Some artists consider nature as a medium of art. But what is a medium of art? Art is expressed to be man made, a form of human expression, a tale of beauty or tragedy. The world is a beautiful place filled with unique creatures, beautiful scenery and an overwhelming sense of power and importance. But a medium is considered as materials used to help express the viewpoint of the artist. In this evaluation argument one will see the conflicts between seeing nature as a contributor to art. where if it can be used as a material that inspires the artist, can be used to express emotion, and help support the point of view of the art work. One would think that nature would have nothing to do with art. But it seems that art can be found centered upon this idea. Nature is used in many different forms either to build a giant building or to just exists and to be admired. In many cases trees and other natural elements are used as art supplies. One can view the use of nature being used as a medium of art. Using the materials as a source of expressing the viewpoint of the artists.

Some disapprove of this viewpoint, some people suggest that art is to conceptual to be related or influenced by nature. Some people also state that nature is based of evolution and science not on the concepts of feelings
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