The Conforming Influenced By My Parents

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The conforming influenced by my parents are similar to the ones of Hektor in the Iliad. As a result of respect towards my parents, I tend to want to please them and end up submitting to their opinions. Similarly, Hektor was raised in an environment where respect for parents was mandatory. Therefore, he knew nothing else but to honor his parents wholeheartedly. Priam and Hékabe envisioned Hektor growing up striving for honor during his entire life. Hektor 's parents transformed him from a small careless boy into a man longing for honor. Recognition and honor were essential in life, destroying Hektor 's autonomous future. Hektor no longer lived for happiness, love, or success but lived for the recognition throughout. He spent his whole life possessed by the idea of honor, which inflicted undesirable consequences on him and his surrounding society. The death of Hektor and the destruction of Troy were solely caused by his own pride. His refusal to surrender, which would’ve protected him and most importantly the whole town of Troy, demonstrated his unimaginable selfish behavior. Instead of protecting Troy, Hektor, without hesitation, picked to fight in order to prove his superiority. This is an example of how one 's life can be demolished if pride and honor is prioritized. Hektor acquiesced his whole life to a strong desire for honor, which was implanted in his head by his companions. Oppositions towards my personal beliefs are made by associates from church. Slavic beliefs
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