The Confrontation Between Japan And The United States

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This confrontation between Japan and the United States impacted the battles to come in the Pacific. History has proven the island of Midway to be an important base for many operations during World War II. Had the United States lost this battle, the war may have reached a different outcome.
The Battle of Midway proved to be a crucial point for the United States in preventing the Japanese from taking control of the Pacific region during World War II. If Midway had fallen into the hands of the Japanese, America could have been at risk. This was the battle that could have saved or destroyed the United States—a battle in which the lives of American citizens hung in the balance. (Cox 658-659)
On December 7, 1941 Japan began a brazen attack to
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Overtaking the island of Midway would have enabled Japan to have a base close enough to launch an attack directly against the United States.

On May 10, 1942, the United States intercepted and broke a code to the Japanese. This code was a signal for the Japanese to invade and take control over the island. When the U.S. finished deciphering the code, immediate action was taken. The attack on Midway was planned to begin on June 4, 1942. The U.S. sent out over 66 ships, including carriers, destroyers and submarines. In sending naval power to Midway less than a month earlier, the United States planned to ambush the Japanese. (Prados) A 1998 abstract review for military training by Paul J. Jaeger reflects to the importance of “the application of operational intelligence as a function of operational art” and how the “Planning and execution for the Midway operation required fusion of strategic operational and tactical intelligence by the commanders involved; most notably Admiral Chester Nimitz” (Jaeger, pg 22). The strategy employed was to act immediately and tactically to the intelligence the commanders received from the code breakers. David J. Jerabek also “analyzes Admiral Nimitz strategic leader competencies and evaluates his contributions in achieving a total victory in the Pacific for the Allied powers” (Jerabek)
The United States’ location on Midway Island was an imperative strategic
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