The Congressional District Of Missouri

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Congratulations! You are a 2018 congressional nominee for Missouri’s 5th district. Missouri’s 5th district is home to the largest metro area on the central Great Plains. The 5th Congressional District of Missouri includes most of Kansas City, the largest city in Missouri, plus Grandview, and the bulk of Independence. In post-2010 census redistricting, rural Lafayette, Ray, and Saline counties were added. If you want to successfully campaign here, you will have to know who to talk to, where to talk to them, and what to say. You will also have to understand the district from the inside out. First, understand who you are talking to and who you will potentially represent. The 5th Congressional District of Missouri is predominately made up…show more content…
If you do play your chips right, you could start a fundraiser at the places and events to fund your campaign, but you could even show and tell the people what you are about. According to Emanuel Cleaver, the present Representative, he himself was able to fund his campaigns through luncheons on Sundays at the Chief’s Stadium. You may want to go to to take a look at some upcoming events to attend. One place you would want to wander would be the Country Club Plaza. This area is full of stores, restaurants, shoppers, arts, and is also right down the street from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Year round you can make campaigns here because it is always the go-to spot for many people of Missouri’s 5th district. Every Thanksgiving night, a special guest comes to flip the switch for the Plaza Christmas Lights. Showing up on stage at this event would give you major face time as this event is televised by every local station and news crew. Show your face at sporting events such as Chiefs football games and Royals baseball games. Kansas City is a city that really supports their sports teams. If you support them, they will support you. Go downtown and do some campaigning in front of Union Station, which is a running train station and activity center, or Crown Center, the Hallmark Card’s and Crayola’s version of a mall. Take a stroll down the Historic 18th and Vine jazz

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