The Connection Between Christianity, The Bible, And Moby Dick

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saving Ishmael from the sharks, Queequeg was able to save himself in a sense. Ahab, on the other hand did not have a similar fate, he dies devoured by both mental and physical sharks. The connection between Christianity, the bible, and Moby Dick is a clear one as we have seen earlier on. Because of this connection, it can be understood that Ahab’s death and Ishmael’s survival through the coffin was also foreshadowed in the bible. Ahab believes he is a warrior of God and that he is somehow commanded to help rid the world of evil. The fact that he thinks he can help God fight evil is certainly a little insane, but it is important that we see that desire as a part of his motivation. He legitimizes his quest for the whale with his claim that he is “gifted with the high perception” (226). He believes that he is able to see truths that other men cannot, and this belief both inspires his hunt and allows him to reconcile to himself all the things he does as it is all for a divine cause. In particular, Ahab believes that this high perception has allowed him to see that “all evil…where visibly personified, and made practically assailable in Moby Dick” (247). To Ahab, the whale is the embodiment of worldly evil, so he believes that by attacking Moby Dick, he can rid the world of its greatest woes. This desire to cleanse the world of evil is a Christian view and Ahab makes it clear that such inspiration drives him all the way to the end. In his famous “Quarter-Deck” speech, he says,

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