The Connection Between Food And Identity

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Food is closely related to human beings as it is one of the daily necessities that cannot be omitted. Food offers in different places varies due to the differences in geographical location, weather, identity, culture, availability of ingredients, purpose, to name but a few. Hence food can indeed reflects the identity of those who consumes it because it is related to them intently. However, there is not much investigation in the relationship between Identity and food. One of the major reasons is that food seems to be too informal to be considered in an academic context. Thus I would like to use this opportunity to illustrate the connection between food and identity. In this essay, I would focus on explaining how Asian identity, particularly Hong Kong people (Chinese) and Vietnamese identities, are expressed in food and compare their similarities and differences.

In Hong Kong, Pancai represents two identities in Hong Kong during different period of time: Punti ethnic identity before 1997 and Hong Kong people identity around decolonization in 1997. Pancai used to be prepared and consumed by the Punti Cantonese villagers living in the New Territories exclusively during celebrations, festivals or family gatherings. This differentiates them from Hakka and Tanka villages who were also living around as they do not eat Pancai. Moreover, only if you are the kin related to the Cantonese villagers, you can have the rights and obligation to enjoy Pancai, and this makes eating Pancai an…
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