The Connection Between Psychotropic Drugs And Criminal Justice

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THE CONNECTION BETWEEN PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE Violent crimes in America have unfortunately become a common event that takes place in our society today. The most common cause has always pointed to gun control, however there is new evidence that proves it is not guns; it is the misuse of psychiatric drugs. The effects of these drugs and the misuse and misadministration of these drugs has led to a social and criminal justice issue in the United States and it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. In the article Every mass shooting over the last 20 years has one thing in common?. And it is not guns, Adams discovered over the last 20 years, mass shootings suicide and in isolated shootings the one thing that has…show more content…
(Adams M. , 2013). ?Before a drug is introduced, regulators demand controlled clinical trials (on carefully selected homogeneous samples); but, once a drug is widely in service, they fail to engage in systematic monitoring of what happens in everyday clinical practice, with ?real? patients.? (May, 2004). The Pharmaceutical companies have known the effects that SSRI?s have on the individual taking them, and these companies still decided to withhold this information from the Food and Drug Administration. The Big Pharmaceutical companies knew about these side effects and still chose not to release the information to the public as well. BIG PHARM also knew that SSRI?s are not safe for juveniles for these reasons. Instead of the government stopping BIG PHARM they sweep the issues under the rug because of the money that be made. Psychiatric drugs and their misuse is a problem in our country and could be a leading factor that mass shootings have become a reality of our society today. One form of misuse is over medication. This is when a doctor will over prescribe medications to individuals that fit criteria for the use of the medication, but they are not actually safe for use. In the article Deep Pharma: Psychiatry, Anthropology, And Pharmaceutical Detox Oldani gives the reader an idea of how often psychiatric and psychotropic
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