The Connection Between Shadow And Shadow

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Rae closed her eyes. This connection with Shadow was starting to feel stronger than a brotherly love. “Shadow, have a Vampire and his Servant ever fought?” Shadow knew what she meant, however avoided it by explaining. “It is not built into our DNA, we never fight,… except when the…” Rae could feel that what he would say, she wouldn’t like. Shadow clarified. “I can only say that it is not normal for a Servant to challenge his Master nor is it a noble idea. If the Servant does this during the night hours the Vampire will surely kill the Servant. If the Servant does it during the daylight hours he will have only days to find a new Master before he will be consumed by death. When a Servant kills his Master, his Master’s blood is bonded to the…show more content…
It is my job to fill in the areas he may be lacking with the exception of the physical part. I will be your confidant. We will share secrets like no others can. I will be a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with. However my Master has a sense of humor that is quite refreshing.” Rae watched him with curiosity and affirmed. “Yes I was pleased that he had a sense of humor I could not picture my life without laughter, and now I have two men with a sense of humor. You are the frosting that holds the layers of cake together?” Rae phrased the last portion as a question. Shadow stood, walking to the dresser and started gathering items for her shower and agreed. “Yes Goddess, you may to have your cake and eat it too for the rest of your life.” They both laughed over the human clichés. Rae was feeling confused over why her family had been hiding for many centuries. If life was to be good, --- what was the problem. Yeah! Okay, most people don’t consider being mated to a Vampire that great, however she couldn’t find a down side, yet. “Shadow, I’m confused why did my family feel the need to hide us if life is magnificent with the Vampire and his Servant?” Shadow thought, oh boy it’s that question again, he knew it was likely the transfer to Fay that made them run. Trying to answer without giving her full details wouldn’t be easy however; he would say what he could, without lying. “People were
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