The Connection Between Stressors And Mental Illnesses

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Specific Aims
Cases of mental illness in colleges are growing. There is a increasing number of students in colleges, and with that an increasing number of students developing a mental illness. The hypothesis is that first year students from low income and lower social statuses are developing serious mental illnesses as a result of the high demands of college course loads and as a result are relying on dangerous methods of coping. The project will focus on the following:
The connection between stressors and mental illnesses.
Determine the relationship between the variables indicated in this proposal and mental illnesses.
What the affects are and who is most at risk.
The amount of people attending public colleges is
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“Although, some students can take on increased pressure; other students will develop anxiety or depression” (Damer & Melendres. 2011). According to a study provided by 67 counselors from 54 different colleges from all over the United States, the most common mental health problems in community college students were general anxiety disorders at 84.8%, depression at 89.4% and stress at 89.4% (Katz & Davison. 2014). In another study 25% of students reported having mental health problems which included anxiety, and only 8% of students had been diagnosed with depression (Hussain et al. 2013).
Moreover, 95% of community colleges do not offer on campus psychiatric services to students (Katz & Davison. 2014). From a national college survey in 2012, 47.6% of college students claimed they did not receive any information about depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue from their college and 49% would have liked to get that information (Wilson et al. 2014). Most first year students are not physically or emotionally ready to face the challenges of college education (Kilbert et al 2014) Stated, “Counselors should create a credit-earning developmental program for freshman to promote adaptability. Promoting of such a program may reduce depression and anxiety traits” (Kilbert et al. 2014). 95% of community colleges do not offer on campus psychiatric services to students (Katz & Davison. 2014). Factors Causing Mental Illnesses Among Students
Often faced with
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