The Connection Between The First Language And Second Language Acquisition

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The connection between how people learn their first language (L1) and how they learn their second language (L2) and following languages has concerned second language acquisition (SLA) research ever since it became an independent discipline. (Cook, 2010). In addition, the relationship between the first language and second language is vital because this relationship expresses the very nature of second language acquisition. Cook(2010) has stated that if second language acquisition did not change in some way from the first language acquisition, SLA research would be merely a sub‑area of language acquisition research rather than a field of its own. On the other hand, the sole problem for SLA research is to see how the first language influences the second language user’s awareness and the second language user’s community.
Yu and Ren(2013) has talked about that people’s language talent is combined with thinking ability, language ability develops as thinking develops. It means that L1 is the first language response system in people’s thinking system, which is formed in the condition that no other language system was built up before. Moreover, Yu and Ren(2013) has stated that anyone who starts learning new understanding or skills tends to make use of their original cognitive organization, include of the L1 knowledge and conceptual thinking ability learned through the first language , which constitute the original cognitive construction of SLA, which is the foundation
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