The Connection Of Solar Module And Sensor Parameter

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3.7.2 Proteus Simulation

Figure 3.6 shows the connection of solar module and sensor parameter. The temperature of the solar sense by temperature sensor LM35. The temperature of the solar can also be used with humidity sensor which it can sense the both humidity and temperature of solar surrounding. The LDR act as an irradiance meter to detect the light intensity from the solar panel. However, the irradiance meter is impossible to perform in this project because of its higher cost. The variable resistor act as voltage sensor in order to monitor solar power energy.

Figure 3.6: The connection of solar module and sensor.

The coding of the Proteus simulation can be done by using Arduino software shown in figure 3.7. The purpose of
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The channel can be named based on the system that need to be monitor. The field is a parameter that need to be monitor. Each of channel consist up to 8 fields. Figure 3.13 shows that the channel of solar monitoring system and figure 3.14 shows that the purposed graph of the solar performance.

Figure 3.13: Channel of Solar Monitoring System.

Figure 3.14: Purpose graph of the solar performance.

Figure 3.15 shows that the API key number that need to be program together with the main program of the component in the Arduino microcontroller. This API key enable to write data to a channel or to read data from private channel.

Figure 3.15: The API key number

3.8 Hardware Testing

3.8.1 Interfacing of Temperature Sensor LM35 and Displaying Output on 16x2 LCD with Arduino.

This section shows the interfacing of temperature sensor, humidity sensor and displaying output on 16x2 LCD with Arduino. In this project, the LM35 sensor are used to sense solar temperature and DHT11 are used to sense the humidity of solar panel. This sensor are basic and very popular sensors. The reason for using this sensors are because it is very affordable and has very minimal connection. It is also give output directly and degree centigrade. In this project, it will display the temperature and humidity reading from LM35 and DHT11on the LCD screen. LM35 is an analog sensor. From the datasheet shows that LM35
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