The Connection Theories And Why I Am My Friend 's Dad

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It was a Friday night with a clear dark sky and birds tweeting all around. I was sitting outside on the balcony scrolling through my twitter timeline when I landed on a twitter thread. A twitter thread is a set of tweets that a person tweets consecutively to inform, satirize, persuade or amuse the reader. These threads tend to be about anything and everything and they’ve become my favorite part of going on the app itself. Some examples I’ve seen before range from “How I slept with my best friend’s dad” to “How I achieved a 4.0”. The one I landed upon that night was about conspiracy theories and seeing as the thread was long, I went back inside, got comfy and began reading. The thread started with the Mandela effect which seemed pretty intense then it went on to the famous 9/11 theory. The one that caught my eye was Denver International Airport theory. This had me shook that the airport 20 minutes away from me is considered hell. It’s actually so creepy a chill runs down my spine writing about it. When I first read the theory, I googled it and learned the basics.
So the day of the assignment it was the first thing that came to mind, and it made it much easier that I can actually drive to the airport and uncover it myself. I hope you’re ready but here it goes. The Denver International Airport is deemed to be one of the daunting places on earth. It’s believed that the airport is a new world order command bunkers with underground tunnels. Tunnels? Why? I ran to google. This led

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