The Connection between President Obama and a Federal Deficit that is Far too Large

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Audience: The audience of this paper is for two people. One, for the people of the United States that deal with the consequences of a large federal deficit, and two for the lawmakers in Congress that have the ability to change the situation.
Essay Two: Ethos The United State’s current federal budget has us spending more than we earn in trade and taxes every year. This has caused a federal deficit in the trillions of dollars. Trillions of dollars is what we owe to people all over the world that we are unable to pay back. At the pinnacle of this situation is President Obama. The figure head of our country, the one who has to work to join us together for one goal, and the one that gets blamed daily for our current situation. Coming to the end of his four-year term, Obama’s presidential rating among Americans is one of the worst in presidential history, and one of these reasons is Americans connection with the large federal deficit and the President. At the beginning of President Obama’s term the federal deficit was nothing new. When the Obama Administration took control of the White House the federal deficit was at $11.657 trillion dollars. This was a dismal point to start at, but it has only gotten worse throughout his term in office with the federal deficit now at over $17 trillion dollars as his second term comes to an end. (About 1) Current debt increases is working on…
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